Watching the most recent episode of DMMD has given me faith that I can become an animator for an anime company one day, too.

So I was talking with my friend about how Nagisa has the least sexy “dream job” (seriously, I don’t think I ever seen astronauts sexualized?) BUT THEN.. she suggested to imagine him in an eva pilot suit…….

UM. WHY HAS THIS NOT HAPPENED YET? Can someone please make this happen? I really want this to happen. No, I need this to happen. Please. I beg of you. I don’t think you understand.

butterfiles-and-hurricanes whispered,

Hi there! Can I translate dj Armin x Jean into my native language? I will do credit with your names and so on, of course :)

Sure! That’s perfectly fine as long as you credit and link to it in English~ ^^

I was digging around for some SnK doujinshi and found this. I felt like it was that impossible treasure that everyone thought never existed: Armin topping. And the art was so beautiful, too. So I just had to share it with everyone. It felt necessary. Plus, it’s really sweet.

Translated with the help of my lovely friend, Kaori~ Team effort ftw!! Translation is hard work, guys.

Mangaka info on this page. (As in, their name and stuff…cause it wouldn’t let me put more than 10 pages. /sigh) Anyway, if you like it please support the artist and buy the original! 

Hope you enjoy~
***Open image in a new tab for the full size image if you need/like.***

Long time no post. I’ve been too addicted to FFXIV to do anything else with my life, but my lovely Shochan asked me to translate this for her and so I got my other lovely, Kaori, and translated it. So I figured, since Attack on Titan is pretty popular I’ll just share it with all you tumblr folk.

Enjoy. :D

Btw since it was mainly translated for Shochan, she can read hiragana so I didn’t bother translating some parts where he’s just moaning and saying “ah - ah”. I promise you…you’re not missing anything if you can’t read what is left untranslated. 

簡素な夢: [ Kogeinu and 96neko talking about Tenchou wearing a miniskirt, but...


[ Kogeinu and 96neko talking about Tenchou wearing a miniskirt, but Tenchou saying his leg hair is kind of ….. so the latter two started discussing removing it with duct tape when Tenchou is asleep, and it started extending to what would happen when Tenchou found out and got angry, when suddenly—…


Because…I Simply must put 96neko on all of my food.

It is necessary. I understand. (・`ω´・)ᕤ

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#I really do. 


96neko… Valshe… Techou…

God, why must trap singers be so amazing? I love trap singers…

I want to be a trap, or even better a trap singer. (; u ;)

Dear lord, I understand exactly what you mean. If I could be a trap singer, I would feel like I have accomplished everything I’ll ever need to accomplish in life to die happy. 


I’m not dead guys, I swear. ;___; 

I’ll have a video translation out soon (though it’s not completely my own - it’s an edit for accuracy of an existing translation.) And hopefully I’ll get that interview translated. But man….there is a LOT to translate there…

Anyway, just letting you all know. Don’t lose faith in meeeee. D8


Yes. I do. I admit it without shame, call me immature if you want, but I now have actual reason to. You see, my friend picked up a magazine featuring 96Neko, and in it there’s a series of questions directed at her during an interview. I think some of the questions and answers are quite intriguing. What do you guys think?

One question was, "What is your favorite song?"and Kuro’s answer was, “Matryoshka" - interestingly, a song that she collaborated with Tenchou on. ‘That’s nothing!’ you say? Well, okay. Another question was, about collaborations. Kuro answered, “I don’t ever ask anyone to collaborate with me; they always ask me. The only person I ever specifically asked to collaborate with me was Tenchou.” and later she says, “I really wanted to have a collaboration on my first full CD, so I asked Tenchou to do it with me again.”

Tenchou is the only person she specifically WANTED to collab with, and she asked him to collab for her favorite song. Am I crazy, or does this seem to signify something? HMM? I also love to pair her with Iruno but I’m really feelin’ that vipx96 now. Am I the only one? Not to mention, if anyone ever follows Tenchou’s between all his automated spam…he can be pretty mean to other people (jokingly) - specifically KogeInu. But he’s generally very nice to 96Neko. WHAT IS THIS? 

Anyway, my friend is sending me the magazine in the mail. When I get it, I’ll do a full translation of the interview for you guys, only cause I love you all. So be looking out for that. <3