Yes. I do. I admit it without shame, call me immature if you want, but I now have actual reason to. You see, my friend picked up a magazine featuring 96Neko, and in it there’s a series of questions directed at her during an interview. I think some of the questions and answers are quite intriguing. What do you guys think?

One question was, "What is your favorite song?"and Kuro’s answer was, “Matryoshka" - interestingly, a song that she collaborated with Tenchou on. ‘That’s nothing!’ you say? Well, okay. Another question was, about collaborations. Kuro answered, “I don’t ever ask anyone to collaborate with me; they always ask me. The only person I ever specifically asked to collaborate with me was Tenchou.” and later she says, “I really wanted to have a collaboration on my first full CD, so I asked Tenchou to do it with me again.”

Tenchou is the only person she specifically WANTED to collab with, and she asked him to collab for her favorite song. Am I crazy, or does this seem to signify something? HMM? I also love to pair her with Iruno but I’m really feelin’ that vipx96 now. Am I the only one? Not to mention, if anyone ever follows Tenchou’s tweets..in between all his automated spam…he can be pretty mean to other people (jokingly) - specifically KogeInu. But he’s generally very nice to 96Neko. WHAT IS THIS? 

Anyway, my friend is sending me the magazine in the mail. When I get it, I’ll do a full translation of the interview for you guys, only cause I love you all. So be looking out for that. <3 

@Rin: This is what the translator said.


I give the name of the cat videos, 96 live in another person [regularly] Please refrain from. Remark is reminiscent of it, anything which will disturb other people to please refrain from the absolute also. I thought it was offensive comments, etc. Please set NG or individuals through without objection to watch. Thank you enough for your understanding.

If I can summarize that real bad English correctly, she’s basically saying no offensive comments and refrain from disturbing people when commenting on her videos, and thank you for understanding.

You mean what 96 posts on all her videos? Basically she’s asking people not to mention her on other people’s videos in an offensive manner..(like, say you’re watching another Nico singer’s video and comment, “96 sings this better than you! I like 96’s version better!!!”) She doesn’t want you to do that. 

Just got 96’s new CD in the mail today, with a couple surprises extra ~ I AM SO PUMPED.

So, if you preordered the CD you should have gotten a keychain (one of several picked at random featuring 96Neko and Shuujin-P). I don’t know, did you guys who bought it off whatever site you use also get keychains? Even if you didn’t preorder? I didn’t read what it had to say about that. Maybe I should go back and look. xD Not only that, but you get a mouse pad as well (chosen at random).

Anyway, you ALSO get a copy of a couple of her live performances on a CD, too! I had absolutely no clue about that, because I wasn’t planning on pre-ordering it so I didn’t really want to look and see what I’d be missing out on. So I avoided reading it all. xD BUT, my Japanese friend pre-ordered it for me as a surprise! SHE’S TOO KIND. ;_____; Anyway, I got it a bit later since it was mailed to her and then she mailed it to me with a few other things. BUT I REALLY COULD NOT BE HAPPIER.

OH ALSO. They made a mistake in printing!! The song title is 4696. But they put 4694. x’D I lol’d. Anyway, they put a notice inside about it. No biggie. But pretty funny.

IT’S ALL JUST. IT’S TOO MUCH. I CAN’T. MY FEELS. DO YOU REALIZE WHAT THIS MEANS GUYS? DO YOU EVEN REALIZE??? It means that I can look at Kuro’s beautiful face whenever I take my keys out. And whenever I use my computer. Okay - so this means. Basically, all the time. (Well..more of the time than I already do, I guess?) This is a pretty big deal you know. Just saying.

WHY DO I NOTICE THIS!? SRSLY?? I never look at my post count, because I don’t care. THE ONE TIME I LOOK. THIS HAPPES. I swear to god, the number 96 haunts me everywhere. It’s.fucking.EVERYWHERE. ALWAYS. 

…Kuro, are you stalking me? No. Really. Cause if you are, I mean. I would be pretty cool with that. Just saying, no need to hide it bby.

(Yes. I’m retarded, thank you for noticing.)


96Neko: Merry Sexmas - ENGLISH SUB

Um, someone requested me to translate this but they changed their url so I don’t remember who anymore. xD Oops. Anyway, here you go! Enjoy ~

VERY NAUGHTY, BTW. So, for all you perverted 96Neko fangirls (and possibly boys?) out there…you’re very welcome. ;D

Oh, and READ THE DESCRIPTION in the video, please. There are a lot of things that you have to read them to understand. SO DO IT.

Iruno is doing a 96Neko Shimeji!!!!!

I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED ONE. I LOOKED IN THE PAST BUT OMG. NO. NO. I WANT THIS. I WANT THIS NOW. Please, hurry up and finish it, Iruno-san!!! I beg of you!

For those who don’t know, Shimeji are really cute desktop buddies that crawl around your screen. They can multiply. And they get mad if you don’t pay attention to them, and they’ll throw your internets off the screen (if it’s not maximized). :’3

TRΔLΔRILRON▓▒░░░: Complete Info about fake-Valshe


You can read about why “02Len-Kagamine02” (DA) is NOT Valshe here: http://respectvalshe.tumblr.com/post/25091671396/an-explanation-of-why-this-deviantart-account-is-not

After the info about the impersonator (fake Valshe) , this person deleted his/her account but , after two days looking for…

Imitation Len also made claim to be 96Neko at one point, though she has since withdrawn the claim and tries to hide it. 

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Ughhh. WHy do I not have premium membership!?!!??! 

I just spent the past 4 and a half hours watching Kuro and Iruno play Mario.