Just got 96’s new CD in the mail today, with a couple surprises extra ~ I AM SO PUMPED.

So, if you preordered the CD you should have gotten a keychain (one of several picked at random featuring 96Neko and Shuujin-P). I don’t know, did you guys who bought it off whatever site you use also get keychains? Even if you didn’t preorder? I didn’t read what it had to say about that. Maybe I should go back and look. xD Not only that, but you get a mouse pad as well (chosen at random).

Anyway, you ALSO get a copy of a couple of her live performances on a CD, too! I had absolutely no clue about that, because I wasn’t planning on pre-ordering it so I didn’t really want to look and see what I’d be missing out on. So I avoided reading it all. xD BUT, my Japanese friend pre-ordered it for me as a surprise! SHE’S TOO KIND. ;_____; Anyway, I got it a bit later since it was mailed to her and then she mailed it to me with a few other things. BUT I REALLY COULD NOT BE HAPPIER.

OH ALSO. They made a mistake in printing!! The song title is 4696. But they put 4694. x’D I lol’d. Anyway, they put a notice inside about it. No biggie. But pretty funny.

IT’S ALL JUST. IT’S TOO MUCH. I CAN’T. MY FEELS. DO YOU REALIZE WHAT THIS MEANS GUYS? DO YOU EVEN REALIZE??? It means that I can look at Kuro’s beautiful face whenever I take my keys out. And whenever I use my computer. Okay - so this means. Basically, all the time. (Well..more of the time than I already do, I guess?) This is a pretty big deal you know. Just saying.