Iruno is doing a 96Neko Shimeji!!!!!

I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED ONE. I LOOKED IN THE PAST BUT OMG. NO. NO. I WANT THIS. I WANT THIS NOW. Please, hurry up and finish it, Iruno-san!!! I beg of you!

For those who don’t know, Shimeji are really cute desktop buddies that crawl around your screen. They can multiply. And they get mad if you don’t pay attention to them, and they’ll throw your internets off the screen (if it’s not maximized). :’3

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Does anyone know who sings this cover? The song is Dream Eating Baku. I’m very curious to know which utaite did this.

If you know, please tell me! Linking to their NND/YT account would be appreciated, as well. Thanks ~